Linear Draft Product Launch


A little late but here's the original launch press release for Linear Draft.  We're so close to releasing Linear Producer, what a great start to the year!!


Originally released: 18/12/2017

Zebraware Ltd, a leading global software vendor based in the United Kingdom, have today announced the release of their newest software product – Linear Draft.

Linear Draft is a flexible approach to OLE design, enabling users of all backgrounds, drafts-people and engineers alike, to deliver detailed 3D BIM OLE models and construction deliverables within hours.

Linear Draft is a unique application for many reasons, but the most important to note, is that Linear Draft is a stand-alone platform. It isn’t fixed to a particular design range, system design or design catalogue. Its functionality is the same no matter what design catalogue you use and you can choose between many, and even use more than one simultaneously! It's available off-the-shelf and is compatible with popular computer-aided design packages such as Bentley Systems® Microstation V8i™, Connect Edition™ and AutoDesk® AutoCAD 2018™.

Linear Draft lets the user design OLE in 3D using simple interfaces, whilst in the background the software is creating the 3D solid models, 2D layout & plan view schematics and the structure elevations. When a user makes a change to any part of their design, the 2D and 3D elements all update automatically. Linear Draft makes design change much safer by reducing the iterative error and raising deliverable quality. 

CEO of Zebraware Ltd, Jon Mercer says “We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our newest product Linear Draft. 2018 promises to be a year of innovation for Zebraware and Linear Draft is just the first step in a line of new and innovative Linear products. We’re committed to augmenting and enhancing our expert customers’ capabilities in a wide variety of engineering and scientific fields and Linear Draft embodies that commitment.”